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We are sad to announce that Brad has passed away and is no longer with us. We appreciate your prayers for his family and friends in this very difficult time, and thank you for your years of loyal service to Brad and Heidi's Mobile Pet Grooming.

For anyone wanting to attend Brad's funeral service, we encourage you to stop by:

Friday, June13th, 2:30pm
Waverly Chapel
Fairhaven Memorial Park and Mortuary
1702 Fairhaven Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705

R.I.P. Bradley Coats

Heidi's Mobile Pet Grooming, Heidi's Mobile Dog Grooming, Serving the Orange County, Southern California area for over 28 years. Veteran Owned and Operated

Here is a Quick list of what you need to know that makes us different.

We've been in business for almost 30 years and are the oldest mobile pet grooming business in orange county.

Heidi's is an Operation Desert Storm Veteran owned business

Heidi's is not a franchise and the owner is the one who comes out and grooms your pet.

I have 20+ years of grooming experience.

Many of our standard services are offered at no additional charge. Others may charge extra for many of them as a "premium service". When this is taken into account we are cheaper than most mobile services and sometimes competitive with grooming shops that you take your dog to. (for more info see our faq page)

Anal glands are checked on ALL dogs. This keeps them from scooting their behinds on your carpet and keeps that dog smell away longer.

All dogs are shampooed twice according to the directions on nearly all shampoo. If they still smell a deodorizing shampoo is used.

We don't use perfumes unless requested, that way you are assured that he/she is truly fresh and clean.

You can save money by being put on a regular schedule.

We do all types of dogs but specialize in difficult and aggressive ones. Also we don't use sedation and rarely need to use muzzles.

With the economy the way it is and people being out of work I'd like to make it as easy as I can for you to pay for your dogs care. Because of this while I don't accept credit cards, I can do things like hold your check until payday, just ask. Established and regular customers can ask about other ways to pay as well.



Heidi's Mobile Pet Grooming

Easier on You

Easier on Your Pet




Avoid the stress and inconvenience of taking your dog to a shop. We come to your home or business and groom your pet in our fully equipped van in front of your home. We specialize in difficult pets who have a hard time in shops due to many behavioral problems. Your pet wont have to sit in a cage stressing for several hours without food or water and Most groomings take less than 1 hour to complete.

Why Heidi's Mobile Pet Grooming?

  • Relief of stress from travel and noisy visits to grooming shops.
  • No messes in your car
  • We are VERY experienced with old dogs who have trouble standing.
  • Animals are not caged.
  • No separation anxiety.
  • Your pet is handled in a clean, comfortable & sanitized environment.
  • No contact with other animals.
  • Eliminates pick up and delivery times.
  • We do our best to accommodate our customers busy schedules.
  • We use all natural products.
  • We use antibacterial shampoos
  • All dogs get a moisturizing conditioner that keeps them clean longer.
  • We inspect anal glands on ALL dogs unless otherwise asked.
  • Reasonable rates (call for details).
  • We have been in business for over 24 years.
  • We probably have more experience than anyone in handling difficult animals. if your dog is nervous, aggressive, has seizures, is to old to stand, gets carsick, doesn't like anyone touching his/her nails, face, tail... Even if the grooming shops & mobile groomers refuse to do your dog, we have the experience to be able to take care of your animal without traumatizing them.
  • We do good dogs too
  • We are also very experienced with nervous pet owners as well.
  • We are not a franchise so you get more personal treatment & can have the same groomer each time.
  • We use an air conditioned/heated van instead of a trailer.


Be sure to check out the videos in the pictures section and the link to youtube where I have more videos!



Because of the variety of breeds, prices can vary greatly. We are usually about $10 more than the grooming shops.

Here are some examples

  • Small short hair dogs are usually $50 to $60
  • Small dogs like Cockers and Poodles usually run around $65.
  • Medium sized dogs with short hair are usually $50 to $60
  • Larger dogs like Golden Retrievers are usually $65 to $75

Please keep in mind that all prices are an estimate, the price can vary greatly depending on the size, condition and personality of the animal. Please call for a more specific estimate and we can give you a specific price before they groom the dog

Heidi's Mobile Pet Grooming can be a great experience for you and you pet. Please call us if you want to make an appointment or have more questions.

We cover Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Orange, Yorba Linda, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Brea, Fullerton, Irvine, Placentia, Tustin, Buena Park & surrounding areas.






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